Health and Safety Items

Health and Safety Items

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Rubber Safety Gloves

 Rubber Safety Gloves..

INR 25.00 Ex Tax: INR 25.00

White Safety Helmet

 White Safety Helmet..

INR 90.00 Ex Tax: INR 90.00

Black - Safety Goggles

Black - Safety Goggles..

INR 20.00 Ex Tax: INR 20.00

Black Rain Coat

Black Rain Coat ..

INR 400.00 Ex Tax: INR 400.00

BVP Hand Sanitizer New

BVP Hand Sanitizer

BVP Hand Sanitizer ..

INR 225.00 Ex Tax: INR 225.00

BVP Sanitizer New

BVP Sanitizer

BVP Sanitizer..

INR 2,250.00 Ex Tax: INR 2,250.00

Champion Safety Helmet

Champion Safety HelmetApplicationIndustry, ConstructionBrandAcmeColorVioletFeatureHead SafetyConditi..

INR 180.00 Ex Tax: INR 180.00

Generic Safety Leather Shoes

Generic Safety Leather Shoes ..

INR 250.00 Ex Tax: INR 250.00

Hi Safe Safety Shoes

Hi Safe Safety Shoes..

INR 550.00 Ex Tax: INR 550.00

Honeywell N 95  Mask  New

Honeywell N 95 Mask

Honeywell N 95  Mask  ..

INR 290.00 Ex Tax: INR 290.00

Leather Safety Gloves

Leather Safety Gloves..

INR 65.00 Ex Tax: INR 65.00

PPE Kit New


PPE Kit 1. Full Body Suit2. Mask3. Gloves4. Shoe Cover5. Face shield6. Waste Collection Bag..

INR 1,500.00 Ex Tax: INR 1,500.00

Red Color Reflective Jacket (2 inch)

Red Color Reflective Jacket (2 inch) ..

INR 62.00 Ex Tax: INR 62.00

Reflective Safety Rain Coat

Reflective Safety Rain Coat ..

INR 800.00 Ex Tax: INR 800.00

Road Safety Cones

Road safety cones with reflective tapes.This safety cones comes in different quality and shapes.Pric..

INR 250.00 Ex Tax: INR 250.00

Safe Touch Safety Jacket

Safe Touch Safety Jacket..

INR 80.00 Ex Tax: INR 80.00

Safety Goggles

Safety Goggles..

INR 28.00 Ex Tax: INR 28.00

Safety Goggles

Safety Goggles..

INR 60.00 Ex Tax: INR 60.00

Surgical Gloves New

Surgical Gloves

Surgical Gloves Pack of 100 gloves..

INR 650.00 Ex Tax: INR 650.00

Thermometer Gun  New

Thermometer Gun

Thermometer Gun  ..

INR 9,000.00 Ex Tax: INR 9,000.00

Tiger Safety Shoes

Tiger Safety Shoes    ..

INR 1,050.00 Ex Tax: INR 1,050.00

Venus N95 Mask New

Venus N95 Mask

Venus N95 Mask ..

INR 270.00 Ex Tax: INR 270.00

Volman Safety Helmet

Volman Safety Helmet.BrandVolmanColorWhiteMaterialHDPEUsage/ApplicationConstructionPackaging TypeBox..

INR 180.00 Ex Tax: INR 180.00

White Caution Tape

White Caution Tape for safetySize - 250 Meters..

INR 225.00 Ex Tax: INR 225.00

White Cotton gloves

White Cotton gloves for safety...

INR 22.00 Ex Tax: INR 22.00

Yellow Caution Tape

Yellow Caution Tape for safetySize - 250 Meters..

INR 450.00 Ex Tax: INR 450.00

Yellow Rain Coat

Yellow Rain Coat..

INR 600.00 Ex Tax: INR 600.00

Yellow Reflective Safety Jacket (1 Inch)

Yellow Reflective Safety Jacket (1 Inch)..

INR 60.00 Ex Tax: INR 60.00