Sand Timer

Sand Timer

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Glitter Sand Timer - 2 Minute Toothbrush TimerThis toothbrush timer runs for approximately 2 minutes..

INR 550.00 Ex Tax: INR 550.00


Wooden Box Sand TimerTimer lasts for about 1 minutes.This hourglass has two connected vertical glass..

INR 650.00 Ex Tax: INR 650.00


3 in 1 Sand TimerTimer lasts for about 2 minutes.This hourglass has three connected vertical glass b..

INR 750.00 Ex Tax: INR 750.00


Sand Tea TimerWhether loose leaf, tea bag or our incredible Silken Pyramids, infuse your tea of choi..

INR 750.00 Ex Tax: INR 750.00


Hourglass Sand Timer60 Minute 1 Hour Wood Sand Timer for Kitchen, Office, School and Decorative Use ..

INR 1,500.00 Ex Tax: INR 1,500.00


Maxi Sand TimerIdeal for challenges, games, concentration, behaviour management, time out etc...

INR 750.00 Ex Tax: INR 750.00


5 Minute Sheesham Wood Hourglass, Sand TimerA beautiful Sheesham wood hourglass, fine handicraft.It ..

INR 800.00 Ex Tax: INR 800.00