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ADAPTO 963.1A Adapter with Triple USB PortTRIPLE USB OUTPUTS- This adapter converts normal 240V AC i..

INR 271.00 Ex Tax: INR 271.00


Bounce Portable Bluetooth Speaker with FM & USB • Sound Quality • Music Playin..

INR 970.00 Ex Tax: INR 970.00

Car Power 2P

Car Power 2P2.1A Car Charger with Dual USB PortsCar power 2P can now conveniently charge two devices..

INR 175.00 Ex Tax: INR 175.00

Clamp M

Clamp MCar Mobile HolderClamp M is a premium Universal mobile Holder with a cradle to hold any smart..

INR 241.00 Ex Tax: INR 241.00

Elements U

Smart Overnighter Laptop Bag cum Backpack with USB Charging Port..

INR 0.00 Ex Tax: INR 0.00


FABRICK MOUSE• Wireless Mouse • AAA Battery • Adjustable DPI • Ergonomic Desig..

INR 808.00 Ex Tax: INR 808.00

Harmonics 200

Harmonics 200 Wireless Stereo Headset • Bluetooth 4.1 • MIC • Multipoint Pairing..

INR 1,772.00 Ex Tax: INR 1,772.00

Harmonics 208

Harmonics 208 Wireless Sports Headphone • Bluetooth 4.1 • MIC. • Multi-point Pai..

INR 1,321.00 Ex Tax: INR 1,321.00

Harmonics Twins

Harmonics Twins TWS BT Ear-buds • Bluetooth 5.0 • MIC. • RTL Chip set • Multi-..

INR 2,184.00 Ex Tax: INR 2,184.00

Konnect 4C

Konnect 4CKonnect 4C Type-C CableThe Konnect 4c cable is extra thick (4.5mm)It uses silk braided coa..

INR 193.00 Ex Tax: INR 193.00

Mino 10

Mino 1010000mAh Power BankMino 10 portable battery banks come with a 10,000 mAh and are built using ..

INR 926.00 Ex Tax: INR 926.00

Mino 20D

Mino 20D20000mAh Power BankQuick recharge: Power bank has single input charging with Micro USB PortU..

INR 1,621.00 Ex Tax: INR 1,621.00

MPort 34M

MPort 34MUSB 3.0 HUB with Type-C CableConnector : Type-C CableLength : 1 ft. (Approx)Output : DC/5V ..

INR 519.00 Ex Tax: INR 519.00

Muffs G

Muffs G Bluetooth Headphone with Aux Port & Mic. • Bluetooth 4.2 • MIC. • AUX..

INR 1,291.00 Ex Tax: INR 1,291.00

Muffs Plus

Muffs Plus Bluetooth Headphone with Mic. • Bluetooth 5.0 • MIC. • AUX-In • A..

INR 1,140.00 Ex Tax: INR 1,140.00

Muffs R

Muffs R Bluetooth Headphone with Aux Port & Mic.   • Bluetooth 4.2 • MIC. • A..

INR 2,282.00 Ex Tax: INR 2,282.00


Pico Portable Stereo Speaker with TWS • Truly Wireless Stereo (TWS) • Quick Connectivi..

INR 540.00 Ex Tax: INR 540.00


Plugs Rechargeable Radio with MP3 Player   • USB and SD card slots for photos and ..

INR 814.00 Ex Tax: INR 814.00

Power Wallet 10K

Power Wallet 10KSmart Organizer + in-built 10000mAh Power bank + DiaryA smart travel organiser for a..

INR 1,802.00 Ex Tax: INR 1,802.00

Power Wallet 4K

Power Wallet 4K4000 Mah Power BankThere are external LEDs to show the charge status and there is a o..

INR 1,385.00 Ex Tax: INR 1,385.00


ProgenieThe Smallest Brightest StarImaging technology : TFT LCDResolution (Pixels) : 800 x 480 pixel..

INR 19,000.00 Ex Tax: INR 19,000.00

Ruffpad 4.4

Ruffpad 4.4 4.4” Rewritable LCD pad • Easy Writing • Portable • 6 Month Life ..

INR 0.00 Ex Tax: INR 0.00

Saga X

Saga XVirtual Reality HeadsetCompatibility: It is compatible with all the smartphones, let it be iOS..

INR 453.00 Ex Tax: INR 453.00

Sound Cake

Sound Cake Bluetooth Multimedia Speaker with TWS Function • Sound Cake is the perfect blen..

INR 2,180.00 Ex Tax: INR 2,180.00

Sound Drum

Portable Bluetooth Speaker With Mic.• Bluetooth 4.2  • USB Port • MIC • AUX – in ..

INR 1,802.00 Ex Tax: INR 1,802.00

Sound Pot

Sound Pot Portable Bluetooth Speaker • Enjoy high quality loud and clear from Bluetooth an..

INR 1,140.00 Ex Tax: INR 1,140.00

UFO Home Charger

UFO Home Charger6 Ports 8A USB Charging Station6 USB ports with 8A output for simultaneously chargin..

INR 684.00 Ex Tax: INR 684.00

Yogg Plus

Yogg PlusSmart Fitness WristbandYogg plus is a wonderful partner of your Smartphone; It shows you no..

INR 1,382.00 Ex Tax: INR 1,382.00